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Retirement Planning

Retirement is one of the most significant transitions in your life. How will your lifestyle be impacted? What will you do with your remaining lifetime? The many aspects of this major transition can be overwhelming.

Transition Planning can help you methodically consider the critical details so you can make informed decisions for a more positive outcome potential. These are the services offered:

  • Discussion of retirement date and lifestyle goals
  • Review of employer retirement benefits
    • Deferred Compensation Plan
    • Stock Option Strategy
    • Pension Payout Option Analysis
    • 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan, etc. options
    • Other Key Employee Benefits
  • Health Insurance Review
  • Determination of optimal Social Security Income start date
  • Summary of all Income Sources
  • Discovery of Values-based Goals (Who do you want to benefit and how? What do you want to happen?)
  • Summary of Prioritized Goals with
    • Time frame
    • Money needed
  • Feasibility Analysis for achieving goals
  • Existing Portfolio Asset Allocation
  • Investment Risk Analysis
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • Asset Ownership Review
  • Beneficiary Designation Review
  • Analysis of current situation (What may happen without changes?)
  • Consideration of special needs (Parents, Children, Grand-Children, Health Issues, etc.)
  • Discussion of Income Tax Control Options
  • Proposed Investment Policy Statement
  • Evaluation of options for Transitioning Out of a Business

Planning ahead several years in advance of this important transition can produce a more positive experience. No matter where you are in the process, some professional input can be helpful. You may also have friends or relatives who could benefit from these services.

To more clearly see how this major life transition will profoundly impact your retirement goals and lifestyle, complete the secure, interactive financial planning tool.  Let's get started today!