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After ten years as a New York Life Insurance agent, Glen Thiessen served Boeing employees and their families as a Financial Advisor at the Boeing Employees' Credit Union. He established Transition Planning in 2002 with more of a focus on client relationships than transactions.

Planning ahead for the major transitions in your life may create a more positive legacy. Some transitions are voluntary while others are inevitable. The better you prepare for these life-impacting changes, the more fondly you will be remembered when you leave it all behind.

You live at this time and place for a purpose. Are you fulfilling it? Who is important to you and why? How will you impact their lives - especially if they depend on you? What will happen to their support or your retirement goals in the event of a critical injury or illness? Will your resources last for all of your retirement, and survive the impact of long term care expenses and taxes?

Be sure that your retirement is fulfilling and your legacy is all that you want it to be by participating in the secure financial planning lab that seems most appropriate for your current stage in life.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Are you ready for your ultimate transition? Now is the time to find out by clicking on that item below in the ABOUT US section.

Your ultimate success is up to you, and is our greatest desire. We look forward to hearing from you soon as you plan ahead for these

 Life-Changing Transitions

Planning ahead for these major transitions will make a huge difference on the outcome. The last transition is inevitable; how will your death impact those who you love? Let those you love know that you truly love them by making sure that they will be secure even if you are no longer able to provide for them.

Our goal in working together is to:

  1. understand your unique situation
  2. learn who and what you value most
  3. determine the tools and strategies that may benefit you most
  4. implement the solutions agreed upon
  5. monitor your progress
  6. make adjustments in your plan as needed

The mission of Transition Planning is to be a contributing part of a team of professional advisors working collaboratively to help you more effectively plan ahead for the major transitions in your life using a values-based, goal-oriented planning process, potentially resulting in a more positive legacy for you.

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