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Legacy Planning Services

How do you want to be remembered? How will you be remembered? If there is a difference in those answers, the following services may be helpful:

  • Discovery of values-based goals (Who do you want to benefit and how? What do you want to happen?)
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Review of existing estate distribution including
    • Beneficiary Arrangements
    • Ownership Arrangements
    • Trusts
    • Wills
  • Estate Flow Chart in both Assets and Value
  • Analysis of current situation (What may happen - without changes?)
  • Consideration of special needs
  • Estate Tax Estimation
  • Recommendations to consider
  • Collaborative Referral to other professionals as needed resulting in:
    • Summary of Primary Estate Distribution Goals
    • Reviewed/Updated Will(s)
    • Reviewed/Updated Living Will(s)
    • Reviewed/Updated Trust Agreements
    • Reviewed/Updated Powers of Attorney
    • Correct Beneficiary Designations for Qualified Plans, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Life Insurance, Annuities, etc.
    • Correct Ownership Arrangements on accounts, property, business, and other assets
    • Reviewed/Updated Business Agreements for disposition of business interests in the event of
      • Disability
      • Divorce
      • Retirement
      • Death
      • Business failure
      • Hostile takeover
      • Natural disaster or Man-made disaster
    • Establishment of final arrangements so survivors don't have to in their time of grief
    • Appropriate communication with Trustees, Executors, and Guardians prior to a triggering event including:
      • Conceptual understanding of primary goals
      • Review, understanding and acceptance of rolls and responsibilities
      • Cooperation on a plan of action to work together towards the primary family legacy objectives

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Why not take steps today to ensure your legacy is protected. To more clearly see how this major life transition will profoundly impact your retirement goals and lifestyle, complete the secure, interactive financial planning tool.  Let's get started today!