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Investment Strategy Review

How is your investment strategy working out? What should you do with existing or anticipated investments? How would you manage the following?

  • Lump sum retirement rollovers
  • Insurance or divorce settlements
  • Proceeds from the sale of a home or business
  • Inheritances
  • Lottery winnings
  • Employment bonuses

Ultimately, investments will provide income – whether to you, your creditors, your heirs, or the IRS. Which investment should you take income from? How can you control taxes in both the accumulation and distribution phases of your investment strategy? Will you have enough to support your lifestyle for the remaining lifetime of both you and your spouse? How much of your investment portfolio is set aside to cover the expenses of a long term illness?

These and other important issues should be reviewed periodically as your situation and economic conditions change significantly. Our Investment Strategy Review provides the following for you:

  • Discovery of values-based goals (Who do you want to benefit and how? What do you want to happen?)
  • Summary of Prioritized Goals with
    • Time frame
    • Money needed
  • Feasibility Analysis for achieving goals
  • Existing Portfolio Asset Allocation
  • Investment Risk Analysis
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • Account Ownership Review
  • Estate Distribution of Accounts
  • Analysis of current situation (What may happen - without changes?)
  • Consideration of special needs
  • Discussion of Income Tax Control Options
  • Proposed Investment Policy Statement

Why not verify that your investments are positioned as effectively as they could be and see how your current strategy may impact your retirement goals and lifestyle by completing the secure, interactive financial planning tool.  Let's get started today!