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Insurance Protection Analysis

Life involves many kinds of risk. Some may be easily borne while others can destroy your plans. Insurance may be an effective way to discount your cost by spreading the risk among a much larger base. The following process will help identify your exposure to risks that may hurt you or your family and make sure they are adequately covered.

  • Discovery of values-based goals (Who do you want to benefit and why? What do you want to happen?)
  • Determination of existing and future income sources and amounts
  • Review of existing insurance policies
  • Examination of risks covered
    • Personal
      • Income Investments
      • Other Assets Liabilities (debt/legal)
      • Health Death
    • Business
      • Key Employee Retention
      • Key Employee Replacement (death/disability)
      • Overhead Expenses
      • Business Liabilities
      • Other Business Assets
  • Discussion of risks not covered
  • Evaluation of funding alternatives for uncovered risks
  • Implementation of acceptable solutions for uncovered risks

Why not make sure that there are no significant cracks in the foundation of your financial plan and evaluate the strength of your plan to support your retirement goals both with and without adequate protection by participating in the secure, interactive financial planning lab that seems most appropriate for your current stage in life.