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Brashenomics Radio Show

2013-10-9 Where are you on your Life Plan?

2013-9-9 Why is proper ownership important?

2013-8-19 What is your Backup Plan?

2013-7-11 What is Financial Independence? Is that a worthwhile goal?

2013-6-7 What Special Needs Provisions should you make for a loved one depending on you?

2013-5-13 What should you consider when reviewing your Investment Strategy?

2013-4-15 How will additional children affect your financial plan?

2013-3-12 How can you more effectively live within your means?

2013-2-25 How might these Tremendous Trends impact your investments?

2013-1-7 What are the most significant issues regarding INTEREST?

2012-12-10 What is the difference between Estate Planning and Legacy Planning?

2012-11-21 Increasing your wealth by organizing your protection, savings and growth assets into greater levels of benefits

2012-11-20 How effectively are you using the 9 different kinds of money?

2012-10-2 What prevents you from Becoming Wealthy?

2012-9-18 What might be some of the side effects of QE3?

2012-8-7 Getting Divorced? What financial issues should be reviewed and updated?

2012-7-16 Getting Married? What financial issues should be reviewed and updated?

2012-6-27 How does Leverage impact my return on an investment?

2012-6-21 Spotlight on Seattle interview at the Brashenomics One-Year Anniversary Party

2012-6-13 What is missing from your Retirement Budget?

2012-5-15 How viable is Social Security?

2012-5-7 When should you start taking Social Security Income?

2012-4-9 What Risks should you consider? - Part 2

2012-3-28 What Risks should you consider? - Part 1

2012-3-20 Who should you protect?

2012-2-17 How can you protect your stuff?

2012-1-16 What should you protect?